About Michael

Nothing like putting yourself in place for a great shot!

Michael Burkhardt is a nature and landscape photographer in Salem, OR. His wife Kiersten and energetic Australian Shepherd. Ellie, share in most of his photographic adventures. His  love for adventure, exploration, and nature started when he was young. “There was always something about the photos and images I saw in magazines and newspapers that excited me to get outside, see and explore those places.” Michael’s goal: Visit all of those places and capture the light, color, texture, and beauty using his skills as an artist out in the wilderness.

Michael’s start to that journey began in the fall of 2002 with a random road trip to Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Sequoia, and Yosemite National Parks There was no going back, his love for the wilderness caught fire. That love of what the National Park system offered grew into journeying to places outside of those areas to national forests, state parks, wilderness areas, even city scapes, virtually anywhere he could hike and put down a tent or a tripod. Michael began by experimenting with a small point and shoot film camera with continued advancement of gear and techniques used. Amazingly all of Michael’s photography skills have been self taught through reading and experimenting with the camera. Whether you found Michael through social media, cruising the web, or word of mouth we appreciate that you’re here. Feel free to contact Michael with comments or questions.

Michaels gear:

– Canon 5D Mark II w/ 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

– Manfrotto tripod & compact ball head

– Assorted Hoya HD filters

– Graduated ND slide in filters

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