New Year, New Goals


I’m NOT a believer in New Year’s resolutions. Never have been, (probably) never will be. But I have spent a little time this past couple weeks thinking about where I wanted to go this year with my photography, both personally and professionally. I believe there is some power in putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). So I decided to list those ‘goals’ out, including my thoughts for each.

1. Shoot more intentionally:

I’m sure as photographers we all feel this way from time to time. Like we are going through the motions, just taking new images over and over again. This year I feel encouraged and inspired to be intentional about what I shoot, where I shoot, and when I shoot. I want to create new and unique images.

2. Increase my technical knowledge:

In 2011 and 2012 I spent a lot of time reading books, blogs, posts, and googling educational information in order to keep learning constantly. But I’ll be honest, this past year I’d been so focused on shooting I spent almost no time on out of the field education and working on my technical knowledge. Looking back at a handful of images from this past summer, honestly, I can see it. Silly mistakes I just shouldn’t have made. This year: more education.

3. Shoot more with peers:

I’ve meet a lot of really great people while out shooting and through social media the last couple years, but I was a bit of a loner in 2013 only spending time either with my bride or on trips alone. I want to spend a little more time connecting with other photographers as I travel, hike, and backpack. Not only does that interaction foster friendships, but it helps with creativity and challenging ourselves and our peers to be better.

4. Get off the beaten path:

After spending a handful of photography travels this past year backpacking, I want more. I want to spend more time in my tent away from the beaten path. Not only to create great images, but to inspire my soul and refresh my mind.

5. More Oregon:

This is a simple goal, this is my backyard and it’s beautiful. I like to travel, but I’ve got a whole playground here to explore and photograph. I can think of a dozen new places to explore this year. My goal: see them all and more!

6. Display my artwork:

As a photographer I’ve got enough images on hard drives and my computer to last a life time. Great, but I want to be able to share my art and nothing speaks quite as powerfully for a photographer than actual print on paper. I had a few minor opportunities last year and learned quite a bit, but this year: I want to expand on those opportunities, displaying my more and higher quality of art work for others to enjoy.

7. More images with people:

I’m passionate about my landscape photography and from time to time include people in those wild places. But the majority of my portfolio lacks a human element. Nothing puts scale and awe into a location like the people who are playing in it and enjoying it. I want to develop my skills and portfolio as an adventure photographer, hopeful leading to more opportunity to publish and display my work.


What are your goals personally and professionally for 2014? I’d love to hear feedback from others what you think about this list. Also tell me about where, what, when, and how you are working towards those goals.

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