Intimate Landscapes

Intimate Landscapes

‘Intimate Landscapes’ that seems to be a term being thrown around a lot lately(maybe just new to me). I will be the first to admit that as a landscape photographer I haven’t exactly focused on this part of my ‘game’. With that said, recently I was out on a hike in south western Washington, just north of the Columbia River Gorge – which living in the Pacific Northwest opens up for excellent opportunities to photograph forests, streams, rivers, and especially waterfalls. Only one problem: sunny and 70 was the forecast. Now, normally I don’t plan on extensive shooting on a blue bird day, but like any good photographer, I never go without my gear. We arrived at Panther Creek Falls, a unique 135 ft waterfall that may very well be dynamic to shoot in evenly dispersed light, but not so much on this day. My perspective had to change. What in my surroundings was unique enough to create a image that represented the scene I was experiencing? After setting up my gear and moving around I found one particular spot that stood out. The image above is what caught my eye. I framed this one bright green, moss covered rock w/ the waters of the creek swirling around. The direction of flow in the water at a long exposure created a soft, but dynamic texture.  It was only a small portion of a much larger scene. My intimate landscape.

My perspective has changed. Almost by force, but not in a negative sense of the word – a creative force – better describes the change. What is your vision as a photographer? What is your perspective? Have you walked away from a scene because the light wasn’t just right? The time of day wasn’t perfect? It wasn’t what you had pictured in your head? My new found perspective: Look around, slow down, capture the intimate details of your surroundings and capture the scene. Step out of your comfort zone and tell us a different story.


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